Morrison's Custom Feeds

 1186 Memorial Drive
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819


Monday-Friday 8:30-5:30,
Saturday 8:30-3:00


All the above pictured animals belong to the Morrison family farms, Peacham & Danville, VT

The Barnyard

Vermont is the epitome of diversified agriculture with more folks growing their own food and variety of animals. Here at Morrison's we know how to grow a tastey hog, and keep the hens laying eggs through the harsh NEK winters. From our own experiences we have learned what products you need so your farm critters stay happy and healthy. In addition, we host educational seminars to enrich our customers' knowledge and animal experiences of their own.

Why shop Morrison's Feed Bag?

  • Freshness - we receive weekly deliveries of Vermont made feeds and rotate our stock, so your animals eat fresh every time
  • Knowledge - our staff can talk animal nutrition and help select the best feed choice for you
  • Convenience - pick up your feed, bedding, and all your equipment in one stop- and we'll even load it in your vehicle
  • Accommodating - we will do our best to find any product you need and special order if it's not on our shelf
  • Proven - our feed and products are tested and approved by our own animals every day!
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Find feeds for any life stage barnyard animal at Morrison's Feed Bag by respected brands. "Big or small, Morrison's feeds them all!"

Pigs fed by Organic Pig and Organic Layer Pellets


“I make the trip to Morrison's Feed Bag knowing they will have the organic pig and organic layer pellets I need to keep my animals healthy. Customers of mine at the farmers market rave about my eggs being the best they've ever tasted and I know it's because of the quality feeds Morrison's offers. Despite the long trek the savings are worth it and their pleasant, first-name-basis customer service is an added benefit.”

Farmer Sue Wells, Bakersfield, VT