Morrison's Custom Feeds

 28 Creamery Lane
Barnet, VT 05821


Organic and Conventional. We can ship pallets of bagged grain anywhere in New England - directly to your farm.



  • 1971

    Les Morrison is a 4th generation farmer whose family raised dairy cattle, sheep and chickens. He started out working on building and installing barn silos, barn cleaners and many different pieces of farm equipment for local farmers.

  • 1983

    He began manufacturing custom mixes under the Morrison’s Custom Feeds name and he and his wife Melody worked out of their home in Monroe, NH.

  • 1987

    Began the construction of a new grain mill in Barnet VT

  • 1988

    Began manufacturing and delivering bulk grain out of the new mill, Morrison’s Custom Feeds in Barnet VT.

  • 1999

    Certified Organic Feeds were added to the Morrison product line.

  • 2002

    Les and Melody’s son Earl completed his senior project “the pellet mill” enabling them to offer pelleted feeds with many of the standard mixes for each season.

  • 2005

    Earl Morrison graduated from SUNY Cobleskill with a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Business and joined his father working at the feed mill.

  • 2007

    Morrison’s Feed Bag, a retail store, co-managed by Earl’s wife Carolyn and long time friend of the Morrison’s, George Cobb, was opened in Saint Johnsbury Vermont, providing farmers and pet owners a place to purchase organic and conventional feeds as well as pet supplies, Muck boots, fencing, horse feed and tack, clothing, a plant nursery and much more.

  • 2009

    Morrison’s Custom Feeds teamed up with Land Air Express and now delivers pallets of bagged grain anywhere in New England.

  • 2010

    Les and Melody’s son Greg graduated from SUNY Cobleskill with a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Business and began co-managing the Feed Mill.

  • 2011

    Newest member of the Morrison family, Luke Steven Morrison is born.

  • 2012

    Greg Morrison went from working full time managing the mill to working part time at the mill and part time in the sales and nutrition department of Morrison’s Custom Feeds.

  • 2013

    Morrison's Custom Feeds adds a new line of Organic crumble feeds to the already existing line of pellets and mash.

  • 2014

    Earl and Carolyn welcome another son into the family- Caleb Earl Morrison.

  • 2015

    GMO Free feed line becomes available in bulk to meet the growing demands of consumers.

    A state of the art soy press is installed to produce quality soybean meal at a lower cost, reducing fuel cost and feed prices to our farmers.