Vermont is the epitome of diversified agriculture and here at Morrison’s we know how to grow a hog, keep the hens laying eggs through the harsh winter and feed a working horse for optimal performance. From our own experiences we have learned what products you need to keep your farm critters happy and healthy.

Why shop Morrison’s Feed Bag?

  • Freshness –  weekly deliveries of Vermont made feeds and rotated stock, so your animals eat fresh every time
  • Knowledge – our staff can talk livestock care and nutrition, helping you to make informed decisions
  • Convenience – pick up your feed, bedding, and all your equipment in one stop- and we’ll even load it in your vehicle
  • Proven – our feed and products are tested and approved by our own animals every day

Products We Offer

  • Grass Hay in Square Bales AND Round Bales
  • Straw for Bedding
  • Baled Pine Shavings

Horse Feeds We Offer

  • Triple Crown
  • Sentinel
  • Blue Seal
  • Nutrena

We welcome special orders for a specific formula to meet your needs.