Wild Bird

Feeding wild birds is not only a hobby, it’s therepy! Here at Morrison’s Feed Bag we understand the benefits of hanging feeders in our yard, not only for ourselves but also for our beloved wild birds. In the winter months their natural food sources dry up and our feathery friends depend on us for nutrition. Offer a quality mixed seed and your birds will instinctually balance their diet. Although it is common for folks to take down their feeders in the spring there are many reasons to offer seed throughout the year. In the spring and fall you may see non-native, migratory birds pass through. You will enjoy birds even more so in the spring and summer months being outdoors and hearing their beautiful songs as they establish territories and find mates. Perhaps the most rewarding benefit of all is watching baby birds come to your feeders for the first time and grow up right there in your yard!

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“My birds have me shop at Morrison’s for the tasty Aspen Song seed they offer, but I like Morrison’s because their staff is always friendly and eager to help. When I shop there I know I’ll be greeted with a smile.”

~ Gertrude Turner, St. Johnsbury, VT